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The Warren Action Group Area Covers Warren Hill, Warren Wood and part of the Top Valley area known as the Gardens.

Warren Hill – Muirfield Road, Bewcastle Road (from Muirfield Road up to Emmanuel Avenue), Emmanuel Avenue, Plantation Close, Tyburn Close, Jermyn Drive, Fenchurch Close, Aldwych Close, Stockdale Close, Shacklock Close, Edmonds Close, Ludgate Close, Finsbury Road, Hatton Close, Gerrard Close, Brompton Close, Lambeth Road.

Warren Wood – Cairngorm Drive, Cheviot Close, Chiltern Close, Church View Close, Emmanuel Avenue, Grampian Drive, Pennine Close, Pentland Drive, Plantation Close, Quantock Close, St. Emmanuel View.

The Gardens – Augustine Gardens, Lindisfarne Gardens, Iona Gardens, Tithe Gardens, Boniface Gardens, Wearmouth Gardens, Ruthwell Gardens, Hadrian Gardens, Jarrow Gardens, Chad Gardens, Aidan Gardens, Hexham Gardens, Benedict Court.