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Update: Report going to GBC for approval – view here.

Update: GBC to vote on the review recommendations – 12th July 2017 at 6pm

The consultation on the Governance Review to consider the separation of the two Wards has concluded and it is anticipated that at its meeting on 12th July (6pm) Gedling Full Council will support the recommendations of the Reference Group to split into Bestwood Village Parish Council and St Albans Parish Council.

The GBC Web page for the meetings can be viewed here. The agenda and other details will be available here from one week before the meeting.

The public are able to attend Council meetings if they wish to hear the discussion. Once the decision has been made there will need to be discussions of the split of the Parish Assets. GBC will also decide on the level of precept to be charged in each Parish during the first year.  Elections to the new Parish Councils will also be held in May 2018 and again in 2019.


WAG, and other interested parties, have received the following email from GBC:

Dear Sir or Madam

Today Gedling Borough Council has published its draft recommendations in respect of the Community Governance Review of Bestwood St. Alban’s Parish.

Part of this process was to ask local people and other stakeholders what they thought we should do about the structure of parish councils for the area. Initial consultation (stage 1 consultation) closed on 9 December and a group of Borough Councillors have reviewed the responses and the Council has now published a proposal for a way forward. We are now seeking views on this proposal (stage 2 consultation).

As somebody that responded to the initial consultation (or a stakeholder in the community) we are keen to hear your views once more so would encourage you to visit www.gedling.gov.uk/haveyoursay to complete out short questionnaire. Please note that all households in the Parish will receive a hand delivered consultation

Have Your Say – Gedling Borough Council
Your Borough, Your Say. We’re a listening Council and often need to ask residents for their views and what they think about future developments.

leaflet over the next week but we would encourage you to spread word of this consultation as widely as possible.

Kind regards,

Election and Members’ Services
Gedling Borough Council
Civic Centre, Arnot Hill Park
Arnold, Nottingham NG5 6LU
0115 901 3906


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(Update: Comparison of Village Plan and ABI Plan for Warren Hill)
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(Update: WAG has submitted its response to the the review, you can read it here.)

You should have received a leaflet outlining a review being undertaken by Gedling Borough Council following receipt of a petition from 218 Bestwood Village residents who want to have a Parish Council just for Bestwood Village Ward. The petition makes no reference to the future for Top Valley Ward but the review will make recommendations for the future arrangements for Top Valley Ward, the area where you live. This could result in Top Valley Ward not having a Parish Council or access to locally raised money to improve the area. It is expected that any changes would come into effect in 2018.

Living in Top Valley Ward means that you have contributed to the budget of the Parish Council through the Council Tax you pay to Gedling Borough Council; the part known as the Precept.











Information provided by the Parish Council shows that over the 10 years 2003 to 2013 the budget had been spent disproportionately in favour of the Bestwood Village Ward as the chart below shows.











Unfortunately this pattern of spending continued after 2013. However, since May 2015 you have been represented for the first time by 5 local residents as Parish Councillors for the Top Valley Ward – Pat Clark, Alistair Hamilton, Mike Robinson, Alex Jablonskas and Andrea Bennington.

The mandate they were elected on was to achieve a fairer deal for Top Valley Ward and they were elected to serve until May 2019.

They have been working tirelessly during the last 18 months to deliver their mandate and some success has been achieved including:-

  • Increase in number of blue grit bins and grit in the Ward;
  • Money set aside to provide 2 additional noticeboards in the Warren Hill area;
  • Use of the Lengthsman’s hours to clear alleyways and pathways of weeds, overgrown trees and foliage;
  • Provision of a safety barrier at the end of Shacklock Close where it joins Muirfield Road;
  • £2,000 grant towards Christmas Lights in 2015;
  • £5,000 grant towards the Muirfield Road Recreation Ground development;
  • £1,800 towards Friends of Warren Firework Display (this has since been returned to the Parish Council following the Head Teacher cancelling the event);
  • Speed monitoring on Muirfield Road and Bewcastle Road (outcome awaited).


As you will see from the above, the amount of money secured for this area in 18 months by your Parish Councillors is more than half of what was previously spent over a 10 year period. These successes have been hard won and it has been frustrating at times and sometimes difficult for individuals.  However, there is still a way to go to bring Top Valley Ward to the standard of services and provision that Bestwood Village Ward has enjoyed for decades, largely funded by you.

Your Parish Councillors need more time to achieve an equitable level of provision across the whole Parish. This won’t happen if Bestwood Village Ward becomes a separate Parish.

Gedling Borough Council will make their decision about our future based on the number of responses they receive (a bit like our own Brexit!).

WAG is urging Top Valley Ward residents to tell Gedling Borough Council that we wish to stay as a part of the existing Parish of Bestwood St Albans Parish Council so our Parish Councillors can continue the work they have started.

You can submit your views in one of the following ways:

Filling out our online consultation: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SQ226PN

Going to: www.gedling.gov.uk/haveyoursay

Writing to:

Community Governance Review (Elections)

Gedling Borough Council

Civic Centre

Arnot Hill Park





Emailing: elections@gedling.gov.uk

Closing date for your comments to be received is 9th December 2016.