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Adventure Playground Closure Notice

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Adventure Playground Closure Notice

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Notice can be viewed here

Gill from FBCP Writes:

Hi Friends of Bestwood Country Park

As some of you will know, due to safety concerns, the Adventure Playground
at BCP has regretfully had to be closed until further notice. Its gate is
now padlocked, with the attached notice on the railings nearby. A recent
inspection found that it has fallen into such a state of disrepair - exposed
concrete, missing parts of equipment etc. - that it's too much of a safety
risk for the children and adults visiting. We know the closure will cause a
great deal of disappointment to the many families and groups who use the
playground regularly all year round. It will also be very hard for Sue
Maycock, her family and all those community groups who put so much of their
time, effort and emotions into it raise funds for the AP as a lasting
memorial to her son, Andy. However safety has to be the first priority,
particularly so around play equipment.

We will be discussing this at our meeting on 18 January, and contacting
Councillors about it. From the views I've heard so far, there's no wish to
lay blame for this situation; the big concern is to address the problem as
quickly as possible, and for Notts County Council and Gedling Borough
Council to work together to solve it: repair and refurbish, or replace. We
will help where we can. The need is to avoid it being passed from one
council to another. Our park needs its Adventure Playground! Another issue
raised has been for staff on site to receive Royal Society for Prevention of
Accidents training, so that such problems can be picked up much earlier and
tackled quickly, both on such sites as the Adventure Playground and
elsewhere in our 690 acres.
Please feedback your views, either to us, or to the Rangers on 0115 975
3782, or to your local Councillor. Or come to our meeting - 7 pm on
Thursday 18 January at Bestwood Lodge Hotel.
Best wishes for 2018 -

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